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Type: Feature documentary

Country: Canada/Global

Schedule for completion: November 2024

Producer/Director/Editor: Francesco Bori

The word vegan was first officialised on November 1st 1944 in Yorkshire, England by woodworker Donald Watson (who founded the British Vegan Society - the world's first vegan society) alongside his wife Dorothy, "Dot". November 1st 2024 will mark the word and the society's 80th anniversary.

"Ethicall" will be a visual collage of contributors videos from around the world, expressing what veganism is to them, and their knowledge of its origins.



Type: Feature documentary

Country: USA

Schedule for completion: Post-production 2023

Associate Producer/Director/Editor: Francesco Bori

Producer: Nivi Jaswal

Production: JIVINITI Research

Plot kept under wraps: A vegan themed social experiment featuring some powerful activist voices.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-06 at 10.27.21.png


Type: Feature documentary

Country: Canada

Schedule for completion: 2024

Director/Producer/Editor: Francesco Bori

Curated is a feature documentary, which will serve partly as an insight to curating an ethical, rarely inclusive and diverse grassroots museum on Canadian war history, and as an educational tool to support museum students facing their upcoming professional journeys.


Virsā story

Type: Short

Country: India

Released in 2019

Director/Producer/Editor: Francesco Bori

Production: Virsā Foundation

This intimate story follows a Punjabi Phulkari Artisan recollecting her life-changing experience with the Virsā team, who helped reverse her chronic medical conditions and return to thrive creatively thanks to a plant-based vegan diet.

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