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Festival Reel

Mission and Vision

To maintain an ethical, sustainable, inclusive and diverse environment in which we appreciate and support
filmmakers from all walks of life and of all abilities and 
identities - including underrepresented
We select and celebrate films which demonstrate a sustainable understanding
of animal welfare, climate issues
, human equality and equity,
and in many cases human extraordinary abilities.


Film Only Film is a multilayered metaphor, as most great films are:
Firstly, it reflects my deep respect for the celluloid medium, from which the term film 
naturally originates. Secondly, only, reflects the ironic humility masked behind the extreme
efforts (especially underprivileged) filmmakers face to make "only a film".
Thirdly, seen in a larger context, film is ultimately only a medium, used to
project leviathan messages for unlimited audience. Many people can be profoundly
touched by the layered narrative emotions which can be contained
within ultimately, only a film.

After all we are only a festival, who exist to support unique film talent.

Now come to think about it, that's quite something.

Mission and Vision
Name statement
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