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Project details

Join ultra-runner Fiona Oakes and others in our celebratory film!

"Ethicall" is a feature length documentary which will be made from many smaller videos, shot by you and other vegans around the world - a collaborative global ethical film. 

The word vegan was first officialised on November 1st 1944 in Yorkshire, England by woodworker Donald Watson (who founded the British Vegan Society - the world's first vegan society) alongside his wife Dorothy, "Dot". Its history is not without controversies, but he was a humble man whose legacy is more and more profound as time goes on.

Next November 1st 2024, will mark the term and the society's 80th anniversary, which is when this film "Ethicall" will release, and we really hope you and your family/friends/coworkers will be in the film to celebrate it together! 


In order to partake, people must submit their contribution THIS November!

We would like a mixed demographic from around the world, and because Mr Watson was committed to plant-based health as well as ethics, we welcome whole-food plant-based (health focused) and transitioning folks (who are serious about living vegan) too.






This November 2023, please try and answer as many (or all) of these questions, including 3b and 3c, in a video of approx 3-6 minutes in length. If you happen to be out and about, or simply at home doing much less. Each is absolutely fine so long as if you're with others everyone present is aware of what you are capturing and are happy to be in our movie too, if they appear. 


Questions: (take these as a guide, answer as much as you can)

 1) Who are you? And where are you from? 

2) Are you vegan, 100% plant based or transitioning? 

3) (Depending on the previous answer) How long have you been vegan? 

*3b) What made you turn vegan? 

*3c) What was easy, what was/is hard? (Share a short story with us about your journey and challenges/successes if you like) 

4) What did you know about the origin/history of the word "vegan" (prior to reading this) 

5) Did you know about the importance of this day? What are you doing to mark International Vegan Day? 

6) This film will be released in November 2024: What is your message for the world of 2024, and the 80th anniversary of the first vegan society? 

7) What's your favourite thing about being vegan? What is your favourite food?


Technical specifications: 


To shoot this, most cameras/camera-phones will do you can record on a computer too, please shoot landscape format (horizontal), in colour, and check that your minimum video resolution is HD, 1080p. Keep your fingers away from the microphone hole, if you have a separate mic please use that. No need to edit your videos or put any music in them, avoid background music if you can.

You may speak any languages other than English, if you can translate vocally to English great, if not please include in your submission email your language and dialect so we can caption it.

Please note that we will not pay anyone to be in the film, and we do not intend to make any profit from this film. 

That's it!




What will happen when "Ethicall" is released?

The objectives of this film are multiple: Partly a celebration of veganism and its place in history, partly awareness raising for our cause, partly a friendly, indirect film to help (currently non vegan) earthlings make a transition. We will submit the film to eligible festivals and possibly streaming services, eventually YouTube will provide good free exposure. The film will not be monetised, any winnings will be reinvested into film festivals. 


A little about me: I am a British educator and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. My previous films (a mix of all length fiction and documentaries) have been to film festivals worldwide over the past 10+ years, my vegan films have received compliments from notable figures in the plant-based movement, including Dr. T Colin Campbell (Cornell; Forks over Knives) and Dr. Neal Barnard (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine). I currently also sit as a reviewer for the International Vegan Film Festival. 


IMPORTANT: In order to have your video in our film, you must sign a release form which we will send you. You must request a form, especially if you are a minor (even when you submit your video). You can email us the clip and completed release forms to anyone can find me @fb.seedvegan on Instagram and DM if you need/like.

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